About Laketree

A good home for your company

At Laketree, we successfully bring all puzzle pieces together:

1. Target Company
2. Capital
3. Value Creation Strategy
4. Team/ Management


Every company has its own history which we honour and further develop into the future. 

We search companies with a strong customer base, a great team, own intellectual property, and ideas for the future.


Successful transactions are build on trust. Let‘s get to know each other and build that foundation.

We invest our own money so that we have “skin in the game” together with our investors. This creates trust for all involved parties.

We collect capital from other entrepreneurs to invest together into the continuation of your company.


The value creation is based on a deep understanding of your company, culture, customers, financials and market.

We develop the value creation strategy together with the management team and constantly support the implementation.


Working with entrepreneurial spirit and a strong customer focus is our culture – this is what we are ourselves.

For us, the choice of the management team is of greatest importance.

We are constantly looking for talents in all professions from bulletproof managers to young talents who want to create value together with us.

We are looking for team members with entrepreneurial spirit and “skin in the game”.